Student success stories

Anniston Star Newspaper:In our opinion

Huntsville native and Hollywood legend Tallulah Bankhead supposedly once said: “I read Shakespeare and the Bible and I can shoot dice. That’s what I call a liberal education.”

Well, we can’t help but wonder what Ms. Bankhead would think if she were around today to see how some Alabama college students are broadening their educational horizons — and fattening their bank accounts to boot.

Earlier this month, Auburn University students Chad Granger and Lacy Moulton gobbled spiders, were buried alive and dynamited their way out of the top floor of a mansion to win $250,000 on the NBC program “Fear Factor.”

Last Sunday, University of Alabama student Shannon Shorr returned to a hero’s welcome at Birmingham International Airport after raking in $205,000 at a Texas Hold ’Em poker tournament in Australia.

We’re not sure if these exploits are indicative of what a “liberal education” prepares you for these days, but we do have one request of students: Could you please graduate with enough knowledge of Shakespeare and the Good Book to at least make yourselves suitable game-show contestants?

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